Monday, April 16, 2012

Tuesday April 17, let's close down GE's tax hole at Rockefeller Center

GE is possibly the worst corporate tax-dodger in the country, making billions off the 99%. In New York alone, GE's tax dodging has cost us $297 million - money that could go to educating our children, keeping our neighborhoods safe, providing healthcare for our seniors, or creating good jobs in our communities.

On Tax Day, Tuesday April 17, we're heading to GE's most famous subsidiary, NBC, located at 30 Rock, in the heart of Manhattan, with a little surprise for GE, and a little party for ourselves. Our beautiful secret weapon, The Iluminator, will be there to shine a light on GE's misdeeds. And the Tax Dodgers will take the plaza in their high-styling baseball duds and "go to bat for the 1%."

Later this month thousands of 99%ers are planning to swarm GE's shareholder meeting in Detroit, and they're looking to us to set the tone. Let's not disappoint!

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