Thursday, April 19, 2012

Occupy Wall Street Occupied CEO of Praesidian Capital , Mark Samson's Office in Support of Laundry Workers Center Today!


 Join us for 99 Pickets leading up to MAYDAY 2012.

Tell CEOs Like Praesidian Capital's Mark Samson:

Do the Right Thing, Respect Workers Rights.

Today  representatives of Occupy Wall Street, along with union members from a number of AFL-CIO affiliates at 12:30 PM on the corner of 29th St. and Park Avenue, then filed into Mark Samson's office, the owner of the  Hot and Crusty chain, who has refused to respect the dignity of LWC members organizing in the workplace. 

Workers have demanded 
the reinstatement of Gretel Areco, a female co-worker who was sexually harassed and forced from her job.

Samson has refused to reinstate her out of fear of her continued organizing efforts and the power of the solidarity of workers at Hot and Crusty . 

Samson, who heads private equity firm Praesidian Capital, has also refused to recognize the workers newly formed labor organization, the Hot and Crusty Workers Association, and has terminated negotiations until they stop their public campaign. 

These brave workers have won historic gains in only a few short months, and need our support in showing Samson they are not alone! 

Workers from Laundry Workers Center dropped a letter demanding union recognition at Hot and Crusty. It was an action led by workers and for seven minutes the workers took their workplace. Great job to everyone! This type of actions led by real workers will move our movement forward. 

Today, OWS supporters and allies of LWC took back the offices of Praesidian Capital to demand the rights of workers be respected--or WE'LL BE BACK! 

Phone Banking Blast to Mark G Samson: 
                         212-520-2600 or 212-753-2614

“Recognize the right of the workers to form a union or association and negotiate with them now.”

 Goal of this Phone Banking: 500 phone calls by tomorrow afternoon.
When you call Mark Samson please go to our webpage (Facebook) and write I did it so we can follow up, thanks! 

‎Workplace Justice Campaign: supporting workers who have been mistreating in their jobs. We provide labor organizing trainings, knowing your rights and OSHA trainings. We also provide legal counseling on labor and immigration issues.

A Call  for 99 Picket Lines on and leading up to May 1st.

The 1% crashed our economy, foreclosing on millions of homes,destroying jobs, and wrecking our city budget. Enough is Enough. Another City is Possible, but we need to build it.

As we approach  May 1, we will be setting up 99 Picket Lines to expose, disrupt, and shut down the 1% who rule our city.The 99 pickets will be an effective way for people to plug into the morning activities on  May Day. A few other pickets will happen in the coming weeks to build for the May 1st, but the focus of this project is May 1st.  
This is an opportunity to fight back against austerity, union busting, the attacks on immigrant rights and the entire system of the 1% rule with a tactic and framework that is in solidarity with the mayday call to action.  
The recent General Strikes in Spain and Greece show us that when we all fight back together, against austerity we are stronger. The picket line is a tactic with a rich history.  It can be diverse and does not have to be symbolic.
How will we get to 99 picket lines?

Good question- We are off to a great start.  Right now, Unions, Worker Centers, community groups, and affinity groups are selecting and bottom lining targets.  We already have  over 20  locations.  We have an outreach plan to encourage many more organizations to participate.
In order to get to 99, but we need more OWS working groups and affinity groups to step up and pick a target.

Pick  a target you want to picket, ideally at 8 am on May 1, in midtown. Can you get at least 20 people to join you in picketing? Great! (We can help by publicizing your target, if you want. 
There will also be some upcoming trainings on picketing and mobile tactics) If you do not have 20 people, no problem.come to action spokes council to plug into existing pickets. Either way, You are also strongly encouraged to participate in the affinity group spokes councils and existing mayday planning.  
This tactic and project is in solidarity with the all of the exciting plans for May 1st. This action will be distinct but also compliment the amazing mass march from Union Square at 4pm. 

 If you would like to register a picket line and or have any questions or need support

Let's make Mayday in NYC a day to remember!

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