Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sam Zell Urges Creativity In Tribune Newsrooms

Posted by Carolyn Lo on March 12, 2008
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Tribune Co. Chairman and CEO Sam Zell had stated that newspapers "have a great future" but are in need for rapid change. He is now giving pep talks around the US to encourage Tribune employees to be more creative or risk losing their jobs.

Zell not only wants to cut bureaucracy, but is also attempting to enforce quicker decision-making and more collaboration among newspapers, TV, and the Internet.

Some of his employees are criticizing Zell for swearing in his speeches as well as failing to clarify his goals.

"We see how newsrooms are shrinking," said Julie Cart, 25-year metro reporter at the Los Angeles Times. "Zell makes a lot of noise but he hasn't articulated the new model other than saying we're doing it wrong.''

Zell's defense is that he wants to create a sense of urgency, especially since Tribune's debt increased in December when Zell took the company private.

Source: Bloomberg

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