Monday, March 24, 2008

Paper pranks in Chicago: Trib takes Sun' prize

by Michael Gay

The Chicago Sun-Times ran a contest called “Zell No!”, a video contest to protest the possible selling of naming right for Wrigley Field by new owner of Tribune Co., Sam Zell. The winner of the UGC video contest would slide into home with $1,000. Well, pranksters over at the Chicago Tribune entered the contest under the name of one of their interns, and their video won. The Chicago Tribune’s site proudly declares, “Zell yeah! The winner of the Sun-Times’ Wrigley Field name music video contest is… the Chicago Tribune.” And the Sun-Times presents a much smaller announcement that “The Sun-Times has been punked.” The prize is being donated to the Chicago Tribune Charities.

The Tribune intern and a reporter proudly show off the front page of the Sun-Times in this video:

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