Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Newspaper Guild of New York Local 31003 Protests the Outsourcing of McGraw-Hill Employees work at Standard and Poors to India.

Is Their Standard to Make Us Poor?

Members of the Guild represented S & P bargaining unit
From 11:30am to 1:30pm on Wednesday, March 28, 2012, members of The Newspaper Guild of New York, Local 31003, CWA, working at McGraw-Hill owned Standard and Poors, protested the outsourcing of thousands of good-paying McGraw–Hill jobs to India.

The quiet protest outside the Standard and Poors Manhattan Corporate Headquarters at 55 Water Street consisted of a rotating group of about 40 Guild members at any given point, who spent their lunch hours handing out flyers denouncing the coming layoffs and outsourcing of jobs to India.

(Left to Right) Gary Schoichet, Communications Director CWA, Local 1180; Larry Goldbetter, President, National Writers Union, UAW Local 198; and Peter Matsoukas, member, United Federation of Teachers.
 Guild members were joined by members of the United Federation of Teachers (UFT), the National Writers Union local 1983 (NWU-UAW), the New York Administrative Employees Local 1180 CWA, AFSCME 375 DC 37, and International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees TPU Local One (IATSE), as well as members of Occupy Wall Street. 
McGraw-Hill CEO Terry McGraw, who sits on President Obama’s Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations, has already sent thousands of American jobs to India and despite posting a $ 911 million dollar profit in 2011(see page 31 in their 2011 annual report), intends to send thousands more McGraw-Hill jobs to his Indian facilities, including a number of Guild represented jobs at Standard and Poors.

Members of the Guild represented S & P bargaining unit

McGraw-Hill CEO, Terry McGraw
Terry McGraw made his position clear in a recent op-ed piece published in the Business Standard we all know a more prosperous India could move us closer towards a goal everyone around the world wants: a global economy at full throttle”.

We need to let Terry know that America needs more jobs, not less. The global economy needs a fully employed United States of America with a strong middle class. 

Call McGraw-Hill CEO Terry McGraw at 212-512-6205 and tell him to keep Standard and Poors jobs and all other McGraw-Hill jobs, here.

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