Friday, March 23, 2012

It is my great honor to announce that Sister Cheryl Thomas has been appointed to the Executive Council of the IBEW Electrical Workers Minority Caucus. The following is from the Electrical Workers Minority Caucus Executive Committee....
Cheryl Thomas


...."Your long-standing dedication, commitment, and leadership to advance the work of our Electrical Workers Minority Caucus was recognized by every Executive Committee member. Your involvement with the EWMC began in 2004. At every subsequent EWMC conference, your leadership, participation and presence has helped the growth and influence of our EWMC." 

"In addition, your many accomplishments at IBEW Local 1212 are testimony to the goals and values of our EWMC.  As a member of Local 1212 for 34 years, you have done extraordinary work and service.' 

"You have served on the union’s negotiating committee and as shop steward; you were elected in 1997 to the Local 1212 Executive Board  and were re-elected every three years; you were elected Delegate to the IBEW’s 38th International Convention in Vancouver, Canada; and since 2010 you have served as an Assistant Business Manager to Local 1212 Business Manager Ralph Avigliano." 

"These are extraordinary accomplishments of leadership and service. As a woman of color, an African American, an IBEW member dedicated to advancing our work as trade unionists, you have shown by your own example the good work of our Electrical Workers Minority Caucus."

On a personal note, I wish to thank Cheryl for her continued dedication and support to Local 1212. On behalf of all of the members of  Local 1212 we send you our heart felt congratulations and best of luck in this appointment.

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Ralph Avigliano
Business Representative
IBEW Local 1212

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