Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Guild Celebrates Employee Appreciation Day at The New York Times

 Happy Employee Appreciation Day!! 

 The New York Newspaper Guild, Local 31003 thanks YOU for being 
The New York Times

Happy Employee Appreciation Day!!

Friday was Employee Appreciation Day (who remembered?)
In celebration of that -- and to draw a contrast to the way the Times is trying to celebrate it by eating the lunch and drinking the milkshake of their New York Newspaper Guild represented employees – the Guild bought everybody at The New York Times coffee and doughnuts.
The first shipment was delivered at 11:15an Friday morning.

A second one – for those who work evenings – was delivered at 4:45 PM
One person in each work area  volunteered to go downstairs and grab some and gave them out. 

Everyone was appreciative of the Guild's gesture.
Times Reporter Donald McNeil said, "The Guild said it bought plenty of doughnuts, so anyone who had one (or more) in the morning and wanted another – well, it’s between you and your conscience. However, my previous offer to personally buy a doughnut for anyone unhappy with this innocuous publicity stunt is limited to one.  Consider it a doughnut freeze.  Now you know how retirement is going to feel."

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