Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pass a Workplace Bill of Rights

Workplace Bill of Rights

Over 200 years ago, the Bill of Rights codified our most basic and cherished liberties as citizens of the United States. Now it's time for the following "Workplace Bill of Rights" to ensure that, no matter the economic climate, we have fairness, justice, and safety as working people in America:

1. Employees should be treated with honesty and respect.

2. Working full-time should guarantee a basic standard of living.

3. Workplaces should be free of discrimination.

4. No working person should be without health insurance.

5. No one should have to work his or her entire life.

6. Employees should be able to leave a job with dignity.

7. Every workplace should be as safe as possible.

8. There is more to life than work.

9. Employees are entitled to work together.

Today we find more and more Americans are worse off than their parents, or worried their children will be worse off than themselves. We must preserve the American Dream for current and future generations of hard-working people throughout our great nation. Pitting one group of workers against another results in a race to the bottom that we all loose.

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- Paula Brantner-nonprofit workplace lawyer

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