Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Important Notice to AFTRA Membersand AFTRA Franchised Agents

No Contract, No Work Rule in Effect for “Tacky House”Produced by Lynchpin Productions for Style Network

Please be advised that Lynchpin Productions is not signed to the AFTRA Network Television Code, the AFTRA/Style Agreement or to an AFTRA Basic Cable production contract for the non-dramatic program “Tacky House” which is being produced for Style Network. Please be also advised that Lynchpin Productions is related to another company, Scout Productions, who is also not signed to cover this program.

Although AFTRA has a system agreement with Style that covers all programming produced in-house, production of “Tacky House” is by an independent third-party producer, Lynchpin Productions. Until Lynchpin Productions signs an AFTRA contract, AFTRA members are hereby prohibited from accepting employment on “Tacky House” from Lynchpin Productions produced for Style Network.

AFTRA members should always check with their AFTRA office to confirm that an employer is signed to the appropriate AFTRA contract, and Franchised Talent Agents should always check and verify the signatory status of an employer who seeks to engage their AFTRA member clients for services.

If you have questions about this notice, please contact AFTRA Los Angeles Local Director of Television at or 323.634.8116.

If you have questions about the signatory status of an employer in your area, please contact your AFTRA Local office. Click here to see the list of AFTRA Locals, along with their contact information.

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