Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Screen Actors (SAG) Elects Ken Howard President

Actor Ken Howard was elected as SAG’s president in a mail ballot, with results announced yesterday. Amy Aquino was elected secretary-treasurer. Howard and Aquino succeed Alan Rosenberg and Connie Stevens, respectively, and begin their two-year terms immediately.

Howard pledged to strengthen the union’s bargaining power:

“I campaigned on the promise that I’d do everything in my power to strengthen our position at the bargaining table by building a greater unity with [American Federation of Television and Radio Artists] AFTRA and the other entertainment unions, and that’s exactly what I intend to do."

"Despite the sharp differences that those of us active in Guild affairs sometimes have over strategy and tactics, we need to continually remind ourselves that we’re all on the same team, fighting for the same thing—and by pulling together, we’ll only grow stronger.

WGAE Re-Elects Incumbents

WGAE members re-elected all their incumbent officers. Michael Winship, senior writer for “Bill Moyers Journal,” was re-elected to a second term as president, along with Vice President Bob Schneider and Secretary-Treasurer Gail Lee. Their two-year terms begin immediately.

Winship said:

"Many of the issues and problems we have addressed over the past two years continue, but within them are opportunities to continue growing our union and to further the interests of Guild East members and writers everywhere. Working with our Council, staff and members, I look forward to the challenge."
There were 427 valid ballots cast. New vp Schneider received 230 votes (53.9%), while opposing candidate Tom Phillips received 118 votes (27.6%) and Ambrose J. Raftery received 39 votes (9.1%).

The election also filled nine council seats. Re-elected as freelance members of the Council were Susan Kim (273, 63.9%), Pippin Parker (264, 61.8%), Tim Carvell (263, 61.6%), Adam Brooks (257, 60.2%), Melissa Salmons (246, 57.6%) and Courtney Simon (229, 53.6%).

Re-elected as staff members of the Council were Phil Pilato (265, 62.1%), Sue Brown (263, 61.6%) and Duane Tollison (260, 60.1%).

Winship is senior writer for "Bill Moyers Journal," Schneider is a TV and film writer, and Lee is a writer-producer at CBS News.

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