Monday, June 6, 2011

NABET-CWA/ABC-Disney Negotiations


New York City
June 2, 2011
Bulletin #22

NABET-CWA and ABC representatives have adjourned talks after two rounds of negotiations were held in Los Angeles last week and in New York City this week. The Union Bargaining Committee reports that, despite sharply focused efforts to work toward reaching an overall agreement to replace the contract which expired on March 31, 2011, the parties are still apart on key open issues for all bargaining units, including pension, meal periods, jurisdiction, wages and other compensation, staff and daily hire benefits, and scheduling.

Negotiating sessions were held on May 25, May 26, and May 27 in Los Angeles and on June 1 and June 2 in New York. While talks are now adjourned, NABET-CWA and ABC have agreed to keep the lines of communication open as the parties continue to attempt to narrow the gaps on remaining open proposals.

The Union entered these latest discussions determined to reach a fair contract settlement that would serve the membership, as well as address the changes currently facing the broadcasting industry. This remains the Network Negotiating Committee’s primary goal. However, reaching an overall agreement requires give and take from both sides, and despite long hours at the bargaining table, including late night sessions, ABC was unwilling to address the members’ concerns enough to bring these negotiations to a meaningful conclusion at this time.

More information on the current status of these negotiations will be provided during the next few days to all NABET-CWA members working at ABC.

In the meantime, the Union Bargaining Committee urges each and every ABC member to continue assisting in efforts to achieve a fair contract, including participating in current mobilization activities, and attending upcoming membership meetings. Official negotiation and mobilization information are available on the Sector website ( ), on Local websites, hotlines, and e-mail lists.

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