Tuesday, December 7, 2010

CWA Activists Gather in Cleveland, Ohio for Media Organizing Institute


In an example of the CWA Media Sectors coordinating efforts to build the union, NABET-CWA and the TNG-CWA conducted an Organizing Institute (OI) this weekend in Cleveland. Twenty seven members from both Sectors gathered starting, December 3rd at the Cleveland Airport Sheraton Hotel. An OI is a three-day intensive, hands-on, skills-building experience in how to talk to people about joining the union, including assessing people's interest and willingness to support the Union in an organizing drive. A number of staff representatives from NABET-CWA and the TNG-CWA presented these classes.

In an effort to maximize participation by Locals, the OI was funded by a Media Sectors SIF (Strategic Industry Fund) project. Locals only had to pay for time lost from work. Travel, hotel, and meals were paid for by the SIF project. Attendees worked from mid-day Friday through mid-day on Sunday.

The OI opened with remarks from NABET-CWA President James Joyce, TNG-CWA President Bernie Lunzer, and CWA District 4 Vice President Seth Rosen.

NABET-CWA Locals participating in this weekend’s OI include Local 16 (New York), Local 25 (Buffalo), Local 31 (Washington, DC), Local 41 (Chicago), and Local 42 (Cleveland).

Staff Representatives Carrie Biggs-Adams and Eric Seggi joined TNG-CWA Staff representatives as facilitators for the conference.

Look for an update on the OI in the next edition of The Signal.


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Broadcast Union News Note: This was a great training. The CWA staff and their materials provided relevant, useful, hands on training that covered organizing techniques from the one on one communications that have always been the most effective organizing tool to the use of state of the art e-mail, website, and social media tools. The training addressed the changing work environment, increase in freelance rather than staff employment, job function consolidation, and how Locals can adapt their business models to better serve their members going forward. I came away energized and excited to get back to work. - BD

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