Thursday, October 22, 2009

Demand Studios To Announce Affordable Healthcare For Content Creators

By Rachel Kaufman

Demand Studios will begin offering healthcare plans to its writers, filmmakers, and copy editors, starting soon, reports Deb Ng at FreelanceWritingJobs.

We're often down on Demand Studios for its rock-bottom wages and quantity-over-quality approach, but this is really something.

There will be three levels of plans available, ranging from $100 a month to $250 a month depending on the coverage desired, and according to Ng, "plans that have these price levels that creators can get on their own, have far less coverage than the plans Demand studios will offer."

Only "active" content creators are eligible for the plans, which means that all creators must have at least a three-month history with the site. Writers and filmmakers must average at least 30 articles a month to qualify; copy editors must average 200 articles reviewed per month.

Demand Studios

According to their website; "Demand Studios is the Social Publishing Ecosystem for leading digital brands. Their distributed Internet Content Studio has published more than 800,000 articles and videos through a proprietary curation process that combines a highly qualified creator community and predictive algorithms.

"Demand Studios has paid more than US $17 million to talented, writers, editors, and filmmakers who are attracted by steady income, thousands of assignments, and unparalleled audience reach."

For freelance ENG folks " Payment varies by assignment and is based on number of video clips within the assignment. Videos are grouped together to allow for ease of shooting and average $200 to $300 per assignment."

For Copy Editors; " Demand Studios copy editors are paid weekly. Payment is $3.50 per article. Most editors average $20 to $25 per hour. There are also opportunities for advancement within the copy editing team."

Writers choose from a list of available article topics with "Flat fee articles paying a fixed rate per article. Rates are noted next to each title and are paid out weekly for all approved assignments or Demand Studios offers the industry's best revenue sharing program for freelance writers. Learn More"

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(This is a the non-union, piecework based, format that is filling the vacuum in the new media labor marketplace. As trade unionists, this needs to be looked at carefully and evaluated as soon as possible . BD)

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