Sunday, March 29, 2009

New York Film/TV Production At Risk. You Can Help

Please help save Film/TV Production in New York

Dear IATSE Local 600 Brothers & Sisters:

This came to me by way of IATSE Local 52 It includes new names to call.

Once again, it will be the effort put fourth of our Entertainment community ,families and as individuals to make your voice heard. Encourage your crew members to call on the set pass the cell phone .Have your family members call the more calls the faster this will be resolved. Please start calling as soon as you receive this and pass on.


Deborah Lipman
1st Camera Assistant
Eastern Region Vice President
IATSE Local 600

From IATSE Local 52

The legislature and governor are in meetings all weekend in an attempt to pass a state budget . It is critical that members leave messages for the leaders below.

Governor David Paterson (518) 474-8390
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (518)455-3791
Senate Finance Chair Carl Kruger (518)455-2460
Malcolm Smith Senate Majority Leader (518) 455-2701

Hi , my name is ------------- , I am a member of -----------------. My job is ------------------.
I work on ------------------- .

I am calling to urge you to refinance the New York State Film and Television Production Tax Credit. This tax credit is directly related to my having work , healthcare and a pension. This tax credit is important to my family and to the overall economy of New York State as the film industry creates ten of thousands of jobs and generated billions in revenue .Thank you.

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