Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Do you Want fries With That?

So Bob:

I have a friend/colleague that I know since 1980 or so (28 years), who is a News Photographer for the D.C. bureau of ABC News. I know him from my first or second job in TV.

When I asked him about the new NABET contract he replied: "Nothing has changed for us here in the D.C. News Bureau. Its all the same."

He has a somewhat distinguished career: I remember him has quite talented. He was (or still is? Or rotates as?) the White House News Photographer,and has all the security clearances you need to get to do that.

He told me about the 30 layoffs at ABC News, commenting to me that usually not much changes there, and he was trying to decipher the implications.

He's a very smart guy, but he's been insulated by having a very stable staff job for many many years. I mentioned to him about layoffs at Tribune, and how people I know (meaning YOU) who work at Tribune think layoffs will trickle down to cameramen like him there.

What do you think is going to happen at ABC? Will layoffs trickle down to guys like him? He mentioned that the studios there, which used to be very busy (Nightline, World News, etc.), are nearly completely DARK. They do ONE Sunday Morning show a week. That's IT!

I asked him about the B.O. & E. guys there, and he sort of made some grim comment about them not really having much to do, and how they spent years building a new studio that is completely dark. And that it doesn't look good for them.

What does Bob Daraio think is going to happen at ABC News?. Over to you.

I think they need to practice "Do you want fries with that?"


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