Friday, April 25, 2008

Abrams' rock and roll speech

Lee Abrams

Sam Zell's new innovation guru, Lee Abrams, uses a video on the company site to explain his vision of how the 1950s growth of rock and roll and reinvention of radio informs his dream of what the Tribune's newspapers, TV and websites could become. He says his first few public utterances were misunderstood, and says he's found more creativity in the Tribune's properties than he expected. Here's the Tribune email urging employees to give it a listen:

[STAGE DIRECTION: INVOKE BEST ANNOUNCER VOICE] What does an innovation officer do? What is our chief innovation officer like? Tribune never had one before. Why does it need one now? How is news & information the new rock & roll, really? Coming up next, shocking new video from Tribune Chief Innovation Officer, Lee Abrams.

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