Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Letter from ICG Local 600 President Poster


Dear Members:

As so many of us were hoping for last week, the Directors Guild of America negotiated a groundbreaking agreement with the AMPTP that sets the stage for getting IATSE members and the industry back to work.

After spending two million dollars researching new media (which took over a year to complete) and a month of informal discussions with the studios, the DGA created a model for every Union and Guild to follow.

The DGA:

  • Won jurisdiction over programs produced by AMPTP producers for the internet.
  • Doubled residual payments for TV and feature downloads from what producers currently pay.
  • Established residual rates for ad-supported streaming and use of clips on the internet.

John Wells, former Writers Guild of America President, who has been involved in his Union's negotiations for 20 years said, "This is the best deal I've seen that anyone's been able to negotiate."

He also praised the DGA for getting the studios to open up their books for unprecedented reviews by the Guild.

I agree.

I am happy to report that the WGA has agreed to meet informally this week with the studio heads of Disney and Fox.

The WGA strike is now three-months old. It has shut down more than 100 television shows, crippled feature production and put thousands of our IATSE brothers and sisters out of work, scrambling to make their next house payment and pay their utility bills Now that the DGA has negotiated a template, the Writers Guild negotiators have no more excuses. Pilot season is hanging by a thread. The WGA should drop their proposals to raid the IATSE's jurisdiction in animation and post-production and make a deal that gets our members working again.

If you are having trouble making house or car payments, utility bills or are in need of a loan, please visit Local 600's website at www.cameraguild.com.


Steven Poster ASC

National President

IATSE Local 600

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