Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Journeys' Mall Staff Quits In Most Epic Way Possible

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 This will make you think twice before treating your workers poorly. 

Mall Staff Quits
It goes without saying that employees should be treated fairly. But sometimes employers need a more blunt lesson in the importance of worker appreciation. This photo, which was posted on Reddit Saturday, is a wake-up call to all the ungrateful bosses out there. 

"We take situations like this seriously and are currently investigating this issue. Beyond this, we have no comment," Journeys' director of corporate relations Claire McCall told The Huffington Post over the phone.

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Kyran said...

It's interesting to see things like this happening, but it's getting more frequent with today's economic climate. People feel like they can treat others without respect because employment opportunities are more limited. I'm hoping we see this start to cease once the economic recovery takes hold with a little more solid footing.