Thursday, May 23, 2013

GE Says: Thanks for the Profits, Your Job is Gone

UE Research and Education Fund

GE earned a whopping $8.4 billion in profit in 2012.  GE's CEO Jeffery Immelt chaired Obama's Jobs and Competitiveness Council, supposedly focused on the creation of good jobs in the US.  What GE says is that they are dedicated to reviving American manufacturing and our economy.  

GE Profits Equal Corporate Greed
But what GE has done is close 42 factories in the US in the last five years.  And GE introduced a competitive wage campaign to squeeze even more profit out of their workforce by cutting pay by as much as 50%.  At the same time GE's CEO got an 80% pay raise, earning $20.6 million in 2012.  
GE needs to be held accountable.  Please sign our petition to save good jobs.   

At a highly profitable locomotive factory in Erie, PA, GE announced they would eliminate nearly 1,000 jobs.  A portion of those jobs would move South to a non-union plant where workers earn 40% less under GE's new nationwide pay-cutting scheme. 

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