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New York City Central Labor Council AFL-CIO June 2011 Report

After a three month hiatus in which the New York State AFL-CIO President, Denis Hughes coordinated a 21 amendment redesign of the New York City Central Labor Council constitution, a meeting was held on June 9, 2011 at which the 21 amendments to the constitution were presented to the delegates for review.

Vincent Alvarez, newly elected President
At that meeting Vincent Alvarez from IBEW Local 3 was nominated for President.

Arthur Cheliotes from CWA Local 1180 and Janella Hinds from UFT were nominated for Secretary Treasurer.

NABET-CWA Local 16 Secretary/Treasurer, Rich Gelber, made a seconding speech for Arthur Cheliotes.

At the June 30, 2011 NYCCLC meeting, attended by 318 delegates from 21 unions representing 590,827 members, approved the new constitution, which had been pre-approved by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

On instruction from the national AFL-CIO, the package of constitution changes was voted on intact, with no separation of issues permitted, to the consternation of several delegates, many of whom felt that each of the 21 ammendments should have been discussed and voyed upon individually.

Vincent Alvarez from IBEW Local 3 was elected President.

Janella Hinds and Vincent Alvarez
 Janella Hinds was elected Secretary Treasurer, Arthur Cheliotes having dropped out in expectation of a run for a new, as yet not created Executive Vice-President position to be proposed at the next NYCCLC meeting.
An additional constitution change, submitted by Arthur Cheliotes at the June 9 meeting, and read, but not voted on yet, was discussed at the June 30 meeting. This ammendment would create 6 Senior Vice President (SVP) positions, to be appointed by the CLC President and ratified by the Executive Board. These new SVPs would be tasked with promoting diversity.
Respectfully Submitted,

Rich Gelber and Robert R. Daraio
NABET-CWA Local 16

New York City Central Labor Council Elects New President

Vincent Alvarez Will Lead Largest Labor Council in the Country

by New York State AFL-CIO

Last night, Vincent Alvarez was elected President of the New York City Central Labor Council, the largest such council in the country, representing more than one million union members throughout the city.

Brother Alvarez was unanimously elected by the umbrella organization's delegate body to serve a four year term. Earlier in the evening, delegates voted to amend the constitution, making the President a full-time officer of the Council.

A 21-year member of Local 3 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and a native of Staten Island, Mr. Alvarez won the esteem of union leaders over two decades of volunteer work with the Council.

“He is the most honest and decent guy you’ll ever meet,” said Ed Ott, a former executive director of the Council who is now a distinguished lecturer in labor studies at the City University of New York’s Murphy Institute. “This is what the Council needs. It will reassure the members that the place is now in good hands.”

Upon his election, Vincent Alvarez, a member of IBEW Local #3, stated, "It is an incredible honor to lead this Council at such a critically important time for working families. Working men and women face immense challenges, both in the workplace and in their everyday lives. Our city, state and country are continuing to struggle through one of the most difficult economic periods in the last 80 years. And during that time, we have seen workers suffer dramatically.

"It's time the New York City labor movement raises its collective voice and says "enough is enough" to policies that adversely affect working people. We have the talent, we have the strength and we have the resolve to address these challenges. And together, we will prevail."

In his address to the delegates, Brother Alvarez also outlined his vision of the Central Labor Council under his leadership. "We are committed to working tirelessly at putting together a competent organization, comprised of intelligent and dedicated individuals poised to deal with today's challenges and who are ready, willing and able to serve this labor movement. Tonight I pledge to you that working together as one movement – public sector, private sector and building trades – we will redouble our efforts to find effective solutions to complex problems affecting working people."

Janella Hinds
Delegates also elected Janella Hinds, a member of the United Federation of Teachers, to the newly created position of Secretary Treasurer. Sister Hinds has been a labor activist for fifteen years, and is a skilled negotiator who has served on numerous negotiating committees advocating for member rights.

The four year term for each of the newly elected officers begins immediately.

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