Friday, February 11, 2011

The GOP just flipped Big Bird the bird.

Hi Everyone,

The GOP just flipped Big Bird the bird.

The Republicans have released their budget proposal, and it zeroes out funding for both NPR and PBS--the worst proposal in more than a decade.

We need to tell Congress that cutting off funding was unacceptable last time they were in charge, and it's unacceptable now.

1,500 NABET-CWA members that make the programs you enjoy on PBS could lose their jobs. no more Sesame Street, no more Antiques Road Show,  no more Great Performances.

I signed a petition to save NPR and PBS. Can you join me at the link below?

You can also write a letter to your Congressman and fax it to 202-434-1426. Your letter will be hand delivered to Congress prior to the vote.


Bob D

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