Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Setting the Health Reform Record Straight

Many Americans are concerned that health care reform could be detrimental to their health benefits based on a great deal of erroneous information.

Congresswoman Lowey has compiled answers to the most frequent myths she has heard from constituents at Neighborhood Office Hours, during telephone town halls and roundtables, and via phone calls and emails to her office.

If you are worried about one of the myths listed below, please click on it to see what the House proposal for health care would do to address your concern.

MYTH: Health insurance reform would socialize medicine.

MYTH: Health insurance reform will increase the deficit.

MYTH: Health insurance reform will result in higher taxes for middle-class families.

MYTH: Health insurance reform will result in “rationing” medical treatment.

MYTH: Health insurance reform will force you to change your insurance.

MYTH: Health insurance reform means fewer choices for Americans.

MYTH: Health insurance reform will force Americans to buy insurance they can’t afford.

MYTH: Health insurance reform will force businesses to cut jobs by charging them increased taxes.

MYTH: Medicare benefits will be cut or eliminated entirely.

MYTH: Members of Congress are creating lousy public insurance for the rest of Americans while they will continue to have superior care.

MYTH: Members of Congress have not read the health care bill.

MYTH: The bill will provide coverage for illegal aliens.

MYTH: The bill requires that everyone covered by Medicare be visited by an “end of life council” to determine if they can still receive benefits for a terminal illness.

MYTH: The bill doesn’t do anything to address the pressing need for long-term care.

MYTH: Congress is eliminating Medicare Advantage plans to pay for health care.

MYTH: Congress is wrongly focusing on health care instead of the more immediate and serious economic crisis.

MYTH: The bill provides funding for abortions.

MYTH: The proposal will limit pay for doctors.

MYTH: Employees who receive employer-provided health benefits will be forced to enroll in the public insurance plan.

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