Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Message From Ralph Avigliano

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As our Local 1212 election process comes to a close, I would like to personally thank the members for their unprecedented participation and support.

With the many emails, website postings, letters, phone calls, and personal conversations during this election, our members have shown they truly care and wish to be directly involved in their future.

This level of enthusiasm continues to inspire me. Going forward, we must continue to nurture and support this level of engagement with our membership. I am grateful for your time and participation. I hope you feel satisfied that I have answered your questions so that you may make an informed decision.

Our trade is based on advancing technologies that never cease to develop and change. We must embrace this, for change is the inspiration for innovation, creativity and ultimately, the expansion of our jurisdiction in this vital industry.

Allow me to leave you with the words of another Ralph – a better writer than I – Ralph Waldo Emerson, who said "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm". In recent weeks, your enthusiasm has been unmistakable.

I know that together, we will achieve great things.


Ralph Avigliano
IBEW Local 1212

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