Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mega-Storm Strike Update

IATSE Local 600


Many of you know already that the IATSE is now in its 15th day of striking on anti-union producer Larry Levinson's big-budget network miniseries production, "Mega-Storm", in Los Angeles. Levinson is notorious for his union-busting policies and unfair work practices including low rates, long days, and short turn-arounds. For years, his production company has refused to negotiate with the IATSE.

Levinson consistently fires crews for trying to organize, and currently is trying to intimidate our picketers by videotaping and photographing them.

Enough is enough. Two weeks ago, 10 camera crew walked off the set alongside 40 other IATSE members and other crafts people, and we've been picketing ever since. They need your support. This is the kind of organizing we must engage in to protect our pension and health plans, our families, and our futures.

This week, we are turning the heat up on our efforts and we need your support. If you can join our Simi Valley picket line (6800 Smith Road, Simi Valley, 93063), call the Business Rep of the Day and let them know you're coming: 323-876-0160.

For every Sister and Brother who is worried about getting their hours and finding work in the future, this is the kind of union activism that we need! Levinson makes big-budget productions that should be under an IATSE contract. Workers deserve health and pension benefits, a safe work environment and fair pay.

Do your part to keep this union strong and send a clear message that professional camera crews deserve and demand decent working conditions.

Get out and picket - we need your help to win this strike!

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