Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where's My Bailout?

I bought a house seven years ago. The taxes were slightly less than $6,000 a year, for 2009 they will be slightly less than $15,000. Where's my bailout? My utility bill has gone through the roof over the same period, and the price of gasoline has gone sky high. Where's my bailout?

The company I work for was sold to a billionaire who took it private after the stock lost a large percentage of its' value. The almost $210,000 of my hard earned cash deposited in the 401k and Employee Stock Purchase Plan cashed out at about $70,000. The former CEO got something like $60,000,000 as a severance package. Where's my bailout?

America's financial institutions lent out more money than they could afford to pay back if the people defaulted on the loans, then refused to renegotiate the loan terms to help folks keep their homes.These same big companies respond to people having trouble paying their bills by raising credit card interest rates to 28.9% and more if a payment is late and forcing homeowners into foreclosure. Where's my bailout?

Now these same financial institutions that have shown no compassion to working people in distress come to those same hard working, overextended taxpayers and ask for a $700 BILLION dollar bailout. Where's my bailout?

$700 BILLION dollars, that's about an additional $2,000 from every American, without an offer to reduce executive compensation, without changing lending terms on mortgages and credit cards, without offering to forgive the difference when a homeowner is forced to sell their home for less than the current mortgage, and without offering relief from high interest rates nor foreclosure. Where's my bailout?



ChrisClement said...

Daraio's opening paragraph reads: "I bought a house seven years ago. The taxes were $4,000 a year, now they are $15,000." The numbers in this statement are FALSE. Daraio bought a house on Hunter Street in Ossining for $264,000 in July 2001. In 2002 Daraio's TOTAL tax burden for Village/Town/County/School cost him $5,798. NOT $4K like he wrote.

In 2007 Daraio paid a total of $11,456 in real estate taxes -- $3,544 LESS than what he published on this website.

In 7 years his real estate taxes almost DOUBLED. Daraio can thank hanauer and the other democrats who control Ossining spending.

Daraio said...

Wow, it's scary that in the information age strangers with too much time on their hands can legally aquire so much personal finance information on people they don't know.

That being said, I appreciate
your efforts and will update my posting to better reflect the extensive research you did. Perhaps I would have taken the time to get exact numbers, had I known someone would fixate on tiny details.

You have, of course, totally missed the point of my letter.

You have also written your comment as if I had some sinister motive, rather than been sloppy in my recall and number checking. How silly.

Finally, this blog is for getting information out to members of the Film/TV/Theatre community, not about local Ossining issues.