Friday, May 2, 2008

Great Comment


Thanks for all that you've been doing to keep us informed about the Tribune "management" krew (notice the Mardi Gras connection). Just a note on what I see happening to the lifers here at PIX-

I'm sure you've seen the movie "Shawshank Redemption". There is a terrific but ultimately sad moment when the character named "Brooks", played by James Whitmore, gets released from Shawshank. Because he's been in prison for most of his life he is terrified of the world outside. We hear his voice describing the "modern world" as too fast, too rude, too lonely. He's confused. He pines for the life, security, and the friends he knew. Yeah it was prison but he felt safe and vital. "Brooks" then takes matters into his own hands.

Later, the character "Red", played by Morgan Freeman, finds himself in a similar situation but his resolution is quite the opposite. He says, "Its time to get busy living or get busy dying". He picks the former.

What I'm getting at is this; as Warden Sam has "done the right thing" and set everyone "free" to build a better life for the company and themselves, initially you'd think that everyone would be happy and grateful. Instead of relishing this freedom, instead of feeling liberated to do the things that are necessary to live and grow, everyone is afraid, no terrified, of Zell's "new world" the world outside our prison.

No preparation, no transition, no soft landing, just "here ya' go, (as you are kicked down the stairs) FREEDOM- good luck!" (bus fare and cheap suit not included).

And this is what Zell and his krew want. They want people to be terrified, confused, and professionally suicidal. Its a total shell game, a misdirection of epic proportions. Only Sam ain't no magician, he's a grave dancer.

What to do? Act like "Red"; hold your head high and get busy living. Don't let anyone dance on your grave because you're not dead. Do your job well but when you walk out the door leave it all behind. Do those things that you've been meaning to do and lighten your load. Drive that convertible up the coast, fix up your boat, walk barefoot on the beach. Let the crippled yahoos make fools of themselves but show them no pity for they are like "Brooks", they're getting busy dying. If you're going to live to work (as Zell wants you to) then do something that helps people because if you are living to work then you are busy dying. Just ask the grave dancer.



The tag line form Shawshank is "Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free."


this link you sent me from LA Observed is spot on:

"While we're on the subject, my un-profound biases are that innovation is essential to the success of any business, especially the news business these days. Smart innovation by smart, informed people is good. Innovation for the sake of innovating is usually not smart".

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