THE NEW YORK BROADCAST TRADES COUNCIL is an organization of AFL-CIO affiliated Labor Unions representing employees in the New York metropolitan area television and multimedia industry including AFSCME 375 DC 37,  IBEW 1212, IATSE 794, IATSE 764, NABET-CWA 11, NABET-CWA 16, TNG-CWA, and WGAE.. We are united by the belief in the dignity and worth of workers and the services they provide. We are dedicated to improving the lives of broadcast and multimedia industry workers and creating a more just and humane society for our members and their families.

Our Member Unions represent content producers; directors; technical directors; writers; editors; on and off air talent; studio, field, and ENG camera operators; video engineers; lighting and set designers; audio engineers; server operators; prompter operators; graphic designers and technicians; master control operators; production remote, microwave, and satellite truck operators; design, installation and maintenance engineers; costume designers, builders, and wardrobe crew; hair and makeup artists; stagehands and scenic artists; production assistants; assignment editors; traffic coordinators; and industrial and allied craft workers of all kinds.

We are everyone involved in the developing, writing, producing, shooting, recording, editing, manipulating, and disseminating any and all still and moving images, sounds, and effects used to create programming for transmission and viewing in any format.

We have united to build the power and leverage necessary to protect the people we serve. As a leading advocacy organization for working people in the broadcasting and multimedia industry, it is our responsibility to pursue justice for all workers of every race, ethnicity, religion, age, physical ability, gender, gender expression and sexual orientation.

We are standard-bearers in the struggle for social and economic justice begun nearly a century ago by those who dared to dream beyond their daily hardships and who organized for economic security, dignity and respect.

Our vision is of a society where all broadcasting and multimedia workers and their families live and work in dignity, where their work is fulfilling and fairly rewarded, where workers have a meaningful voice in the work place decisions that affect them, where workers have the opportunity to develop their talents and learn the skills necessary to keep them employed in the ever evolving broadcasting and multimedia industry.

We are the collective voice and power of broadcasting and multimedia trades workers organized in democratic and progressive unions. Our Member Unions stand in solidarity against the forces of corporate greed, discrimination, hate, and the unfair practices of exploitative employers.

To achieve this vision we must help our Member Unions organize unorganized broadcasting and multimedia workers, extending to them the gains of unionism. 

We must build political power to ensure that workers’ voices are heard at every level of government, to create economic opportunity and foster social justice. 

We must provide meaningful paths for member involvement and participation in the strong, democratic unions that make up this Council.

We must develop highly trained and motivated leaders at every level of our Member Unions who reflect the membership in all its diversity. 

We must support our Member Unions in bargaining contracts that improve wages, benefits, training opportunities, and working conditions, expand the role of workers in workplace decision-making, and help make our Member Unions stronger. 

We must build coalitions and act in solidarity with other organizations that share our concern for social and economic justice. 

We must engage in direct action that demonstrates our power and our determination to win for our memberships better wages, benefits, training opportunities, and working conditions.

To accomplish these goals we must be unified and be inspired by a set of beliefs and principles that transcends our social and occupational diversity. 

We believe we can accomplish little as separate individuals, or even as separate Unions, but that together we have the power to create a just society. We believe unions are the means with which to build the power necessary for working people to accomplish extraordinary things. 

We believe our strength comes from our unity, and that forces of discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age, physical ability, or sexual orientation will never divide us.

We believe our power and effectiveness depend upon the active participation and commitment of our member Unions and their memberships, the development of our leaders, and solidarity with each other and our allies.

We believe our future cannot be separated from that of workers in other parts of the world who struggle for economic justice, a decent life for their families, peace, dignity and democracy.

We believe unions are necessary for a democratic society to prevail, and that unions must participate in the political life of our society. 

We believe we have a moral, civil, and fraternal responsibility to leave the world a better place for our children and our children’s children.

The objects and purposes of the New York Broadcast Trades Council shall be to benefit its Member Unions and their memberships and improve their conditions by every means, including but not limited to:

A. Supporting the securing of economic advantages for the memberships of our Member Unions, including better wages, hours, training opportunities, and working conditions, through organization, collective bargaining, legislative and political action, and the utilization of all other lawful means at our disposal.

B. By organizing and uniting in the New York Broadcast Trades Council all broadcasting and multimedia unions eligible or that become eligible for membership herein.

C. By engaging in all such civic, social, political, legal, economic, cultural, educational, charitable, and other activities, whether on local, national, or international levels, as will advance this Council’s and its member Union’s standing in the community and in the labor movement, to further the interests of this organization and its membership both directly or indirectly.

D. By advancing and strengthening the rights of working men and women to bargain collectively.

E. By providing benefits and advantages to member Unions and their members, officers, and employees through education, training, access to new technology, research resources, and communications systems.

Members of the New York Broadcast Trades Council

Avigliano, Ralph, Bus Mgr. IBEW1212  
Blair, Tom, Fox5 IATSE 794  
Butler, Vinny, Senior Bus Agent  IBEW1212  
Cappo, Thomas, Pres. NABET 11  
Cassidy, TC, WPIX IBEW1212  
Castro, Ben, CBS IBEW1212  
Cooke, Tom, NBC NABET 11  
Daraio, Bob, IBEW 1212/NABET 16/IATSE 794  
Daudelin, Bart, Bus. Agent IATSE 764
Daughtry, Tim, Bus Agent IATSE 794  
Gallagher, Frank, Bus Agent IATSE 764  
Garufi, Joe, CBS IBEW1212  
Gelber, Richard, Sec/Treas. NABET 16
Joyce, Jim, Sector Pres NABET-CWA  
Kroudis, Nick, Pres. IATSE 794  
Levin, Elana,  WGAE  
Mazzacca, Arthur, Pres. NABET 16
Napoli, Anthony, BA, TNG-CWA Local 31003
Nolan, Jim, Vice Pres NABET 16  
Ryan, Matt, WWOR IATSE 794  
Sugai, Les, AFSCME 375 DC 37
Vasquez, Paul, Past Pres NABET 16  
Viskup, Frank, Pres IBEW 1212